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Antich Vermouth Reserva


It’s not that the vermouth came back, it’s that it never left. And if you’re wondering where it was, we have the answer: in our American oak barrels. This is the only way we could achieve an aroma with such personality.

The ANTICH formula is matured and covered by the counterpoint given by the wood notes from its reserve. The notes of vanilla, coconut, raisins, figs and nuts stand out, coming into harmony with the recipe of plants and species of the original Antich recipe.

The structure of this vermouth is built between the bitterness of the recipe and the dryness of the ageing. It offers us an experience of richness and intensity, in which the sweetness not only comes from organic sugars, but also from notes of wood, ripe fruit and oxidative ageing, refreshed by the bitter vermouth intensity. The prominent Aromas of candied fruit and white flowers, recallingrecall the aromatic plants that define the Mediterranean landscape.

Notes of cocoa, coconut, vanilla and cloves.

Meats, sauces, cheeses.

Storage: 13-18 °C

Serving temperature: 8-9 °C

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